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Telestar offers a full suite of cable products and services, all of which can be tailored to accommodate the needs of property owners or individual users. These services include:

  • Providing cable television to multiple dwelling units (MDUs), such as apartment buildings, hotels, motels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, office buildings, RV parks, and private communities.
  • Cable television via DirecTV with option available for customized channel line-ups.
  • Customized cable packages: basic packages, premium packages, and International Programming.
  • Installation of television on computers.
  • High-speed cable internet via landline based systems.

Equipment will be installed at NO COST to the property owner. The flexibility of these service offerings allows customers to realize better value for their dollar.

Full cable services put access to the very best television right at your fingertips. Telestar's great entertainment packages give you all the major U.S. networks, local community channels, the Weather network and more. There are also several enhanced packages to give you more choice, featuring top superstations and a whole selection of specialty networks.


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DirecTV can help you make a big impression with the people that count: your hotel guests, dorm residents, hospital patients, nursing home and assisted living residents.