Television is as much a part of college life as pizza, sports and Frisbee. We have everything students want from essentials like MTV and ESPN to Comedy Central and E! Entertainment. Students can learn a few things with Discovery Channel, the History Channel and a full assortment of International Programming.

 Apartment Buildings

We offer competitive packages and pricing for MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) properties.

Digital Bulk
100% of units on the property are wired with TOTAL CHOICE programming. A receiver is required in each unit. All residents have access to DIRECTV programming, the interactive guide and can purchase additional programming and services beyond TOTAL CHOICE.

Analog Bulk
100% of units on the property are wired to provide residents with the TOTAL CHOICE LIMITED package, with no need to install a receiver in the unit. Residents can upgrade to the TOTAL CHOICE DIGITAL TIER packages with the installation of a DIRECTV receiver in their unit, gaining access to additional DIRECTV programming and services, plus our interactive guide.

Residential SMATV
DIRECTV channel packages are customized for residents on a property with managers or owners selecting a set of channels authorized for their tenants. A receiver is not required to received Residential SMATV programming.



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DirecTV can help you make a big impression with the people that count: your hotel guests, dorm residents, hospital patients, nursing home and assisted living residents.